STEPS, Inc. is a nonprofit organization with purpose to bridge the gap between the nonprofit and public sectors through management, education, developmental servicing, and collaborative efforts.  Our outreach efforts are aimed at working directly with nonprofit organizations to aid in their maturation of programs and expansion of their reach and impact.


STEPS Institute for Management & Learning is accepting registration for online course

Caleb’s List: Funding Resource for Christian Nonprofits now available in print and eBook

STEPS launching its Economic CUBE program in Spring of 2018

COMING SOON: Excel Magazine – Look for it Summer of 2018

Special! Entrepreneur Excellence Series offers VIP Intensive program

We’re looking for communities to conduct educational workshops. Yours may be next!

Are you a business owner looking to give back? Contact us about being a mentor at info@stepsofexcellence.org

STEPS to launch Leadership Link: Subscriber-based Coaching Services