STEPS, Inc. works to build the capacity of local nonprofit organizations through professional development training, networking opportunities, technical assistance, and community-based learning projects. We have worked with local, national, and international nonprofit organizations; equipping them with knowledge and resources needed to take their initiatives and programs to the next level with optimum efficiency.

STEPS, Inc. provides organizational development to small and large teams.  We are subject matter experts in the areas of management, finance, and marketing.  We will analyze your organization, its environment, and culture and recommend changes to improve your staff’s morale and/or efficiency.  Increasing operational efficiency oftentimes requires setting the right person(s) in place.  We are here to recruit and train your staff as well as provide strategic planning and development and leadership when needed.  Our organizational development services serve governance and operations needs including:


  • Strategic Planning
  • Board Recruitment
  • Board Orientation and Training
  • Board Meeting Facilitation
  • Succession Planning


STEPS, Inc. develops professional development curricula for CEOs and executive directors, boards, staff, and volunteers that addresses topics relevant to nonprofit leadership and allows leaders to learn, understand, and clarify issues on relevant topics within their organization as well as operate effectively within a peer context. Three broad areas include board and executive director leadership, organizational and community leadership and leadership for sustainability and financial health.

STEPS Institute for Management & Learning offers a variety of one-day workshops in nonprofit organizational development as well as a five-day immersion program that is specific to your organization’s leadership.

For more information on STEPS, Inc.’s approach to nonprofit organizational development and ways we can help your nonprofit succeed, contact us at