STEPS, Inc.realizes the importance of a well-founded and properly-established organization.  In our opinion, this has even greater truth regarding nonprofits.  Nonprofit organizations really are the pertinent piece of the puzzle, when it comes to provision of services to people within our communities.  STEPS, Inc. is here to help you help others, by completing the necessary local, state, and Federal filings to get you on your way.  Our services are designed to complete the eight traditional actions required to establish a nonprofit:

  • Choose a name for your organization
    We will work with you to determine a name that conveys your vision and brand
  • Draft your bylaws
    We will draft bylaws for review and approval by your Board
  • File articles of incorporation with a state
    We will prepare your documents for filing
  • Apply for your Federal tax exemption (501(c)(3))
    We will complete your 1023 application.Download our brochure for additional information regarding our services specific to acquiring 501(c)(3)
  • Apply for state tax exemption
    We will prepare the necessary documents to exempt your organization from sales & use taxes as well as property taxes
  • Appoint directors
    We will work with you to determine your leadership needs and ensure that your candidates are vetted for appropriate qualifications to fulfill your organization’s needs
  • Hold a meeting of the Board
    If necessary, we will facilitate a Board meeting to review all legal documentation, address concerns, and decide Board needs going forward
  • Obtain licenses and permits
    We will ensure that the licensing requirements of your state, specific to your type of organization, are satisfied

Our fees are competitive and always more affordable than an attorney.  STEPS, Inc. will provide a customized service that is individual to your organization.  Flexible payment terms are specified within project agreements.
So, whether you’re opening a church, starting a ministry, establishing a community development center, or have a dream of serving your local community—we are here to manage the details, so you can be free to serve your congregants, community, state or region.