The nonprofit sector is the fastest-growing employment sector in the United States.  STEPS Institute for Management & Learning provides real-world knowledge of nonprofit management; knowledge that equips our students to not only thrive within their environment, but question traditional practices.  Our programs are designed to reinvigorate social innovation, develop change leaders, develop new models for social entrepreneurship, and incubate thought for new initiatives.

Our courses are provided in an online-learning environment, enabling our students to interact with other change leaders from around the United States.  This is purposed to broaden one’s mindset and provide exposure to other professionals who are both like-minded as well as others who have widely-varying backgrounds, skill sets, and experiences.  Each course is one day each week for 90 minutes, over a four-week period.  Cohorts are limited to 20 participants.  Some of the content of our courses include:

  • Social change
  • The Business of Ministry
  • Board leadership and development
  • Developing Your Personal Leadership Potential
  • Program evaluation and strategic planning
  • Recruiting and Retaining Talent
  • Effective Fundraising and Marketing
  • Leadership Strategies for Successful Nonprofits
  • Governance, Finance, and Accounting
  • Expanding Your Organization’s Impact