Help the Economic CUBE open entrepreneurial avenues to offer young minds rewarding opportunities that keep them away from crime


Instead of leaving economically challenged under-employed and unemployed young people alone in the dark, and exposed to the lures of criminal activity, the Economic CUBE will offer them mentorship, training, resources and a supportive avenue through which they can create and pursue rewarding entrepreneurial projects that will keep them away from destructive paths

The Objective

Teaching How to Fish in Clean Waters

It has been said countless times, and it remains true: “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. At the same time, it is important to fish in clean waters, staying away from shady swamps where things can easily get ugly. This is the challenge that so many young men and women face every day, when they find themselves under-employed or unemployed, and can’t seem to find any way out of a life that threatens to draw them into criminal activities.

And this is exactly the complex challenge that the Economic CUBE seeks to aid young minds to successfully face, solve and overcome.

Life-Changing Pilot to Go Nationwide

A community-driven education, mentoring and training program to help young entrepreneurs to become business owners, the Economic CUBE will start in major metropolitan areas within the United States, such as Detroit, Atlanta, Washington DC, Chicago, and Cleveland, as a pilot for a program that will be launched nationwide.

The project aims to redirect young men and women – who could easily be lured into criminal activity – towards business ownership, so to help them break generational cycles of economic challenges and social disadvantages. The main goal is to empower them not only to start and grow their own businesses, thus finding the most rewarding and productive way out of unemployment and under-employment, but also to become example-setting leaders in their communities, inspiring other young minds to follow the same path.

Six Sides of a Supportive Cube

Just as a cube is comprised of six individual sides upon which it may rest, The Economic CUBE is collaboratively comprised of six components that support the development of entrepreneurs and incubates business. They are:

  • Faith & Confidence – no entrepreneur succeeds without believing that success is attainable
  • Mentoring – driven individuals need experienced guidance to succeed
  • Business Education – accomplishments come through solid training
  • Entrepreneurial Thinking & Planning – key achievements are the result of a key mental framework
  • Personal & Business Credit – capital is the blood that makes any venture possible
  • Business Formation – a great idea with enough resources needs to be structured to be shaped as a reality

Senior to Junior Peer-to-Peer Engagement

The Economic CUBE mentorship will be undertaken by professional athletes and business owners, meaning that individuals who have personal stories of success will share their experience as seasoned achievers with those who are just getting started.

Plus, the education and training provided will be offered online and in-person, networking opportunities will be fostered continuously, and roads to funding of their businesses will be open to the participants in the Economic CUBE.

Self-Sufficiency, No Dependence

Through its work, the Economic CUBE will be fostering self-sufficiency also as a means of easing the demand on tax-paid social services. This way, along with having a very positive impact on the lives of those directly touched by it, the project will also relieve the financial burden that over-stretched social services struggles to cope with.

Additionally, we are currently soliciting funding to underwrite expenses of this much-needed community development program. All gifts are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated. Please consider contributing to this life-changing program here today.

For more information regarding The Economic CUBE, contact us at (877) 447-0900 ext. 2; or by email at