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Workshops are a means of connecting with communities on a more personal level.  STEPS, Inc. has traditionally scheduled workshops at community libraries and community centers to provide education and general information regarding fundraising, nonprofit management, and administrative concerns.  These workshops provide an opportunity to not only share information but allow participants to ask questions that are specific to their needs and concerns.  From these meetings, we’ve found men and women who have a desire to start nonprofit organizations or acquire the knowledge needed to more effectively govern existing organizations.

STEPS, Inc. will be scheduling community workshops throughout the east coast as well as the Midwest.  If you feel that your community would benefit from such a workshop, feel free to reach out to Debra Holloway via email at  We anticipate that our “tour” of workshops will commence on August 4, 2018 and continue into 2019.  Our prior community workshops proved beneficial to those who attended.  We expect nothing less going forward.

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STEPS, Inc. is a nonprofit organization bridging the gap between the nonprofit and public sectors through management, education, developmental servicing, and collaborative efforts.
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